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Washing Instructions

It is very important for each wash to read the washing instructions.
Washing labels are clearly applied in or on the products.
The label of the duvet cover is in the opening of the cover.

All duvet covers, fitted sheets and sheets of Taftan can be washed in washing machine.
The products are continuously in motion and the temperature of the water can be set.
The products are always thoroughly washed and spin-dried.

Many of bed sheet and duvet covers of Taftan are embroidered and appliquéd.
Although these products are manufactured with great care and controlled afterwards, one should also
handle with care when washing. This will keep the products at their best.
Wash duvet covers, sheets and fitted sheets the first time separately.
Preferably, in the washing machine at 40 C.

Turn duvet covers always inside out to protect the embroidery.
Wash sheets preferably in a washing bag. When you have no washing bag at hand, use a pillowcase or duvet cover to put product in. When washing program is ended, spin dry and hang on drying line.
Never leave laundry in the washing machine after end of program.


Silver Hearts and Stars:

When you wash the products with the silver fabric at max. 40 C, preferably with a mild soap, the silver fabric will stay nice and shiny. Turn duvet covers inside out before washing. Put top sheets, bibs and changing pad covers in washing bag, pillowcase or duvet cover during washing.

Mosquito nets and drapes.
Do not wash in machine but preferably wash by hand.
We recommend leaving the ring in product. Removing and putting the ring in is not easy.
The aluminium frame of the rectangular nets can be easily removed.
To prevent knots in the wires with the hearts, we advice to bind the hearts with a rubber band or string during washing.
Use a mild soap and do not soak.

 For washing by hand, we advice the following:
> Dissolve the detergent well in water.  Use a mild detergent without bleach.
> Never use hot water.
> Never leave the product in the water to week.
> Keep the product in motion.
> Rinse well and do not wring but squeeze softly.

Box throws and bed covers
Wash in the washing machine at 40C. Spin dry and hang on drying line.

Sleeping bags and foot muffs
Wash in the washing machine at 40C, preferable use a washing bag. Spin dry and hang on drying line.

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