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About Taftan

Taftan was established in 1994 by Frits Veenis and started first with importing and selling hand woven blankets, cushions and foulards from India. In 1998 Frits was granted a stage at the Textile museum in Tilburg. Here he learned all about the weaving techniques from simple handlooms to the more sophisticated jacquard looms and even did project on the modern computerised  looms.

With this knowledge he started working for other companies and designers and had the fabrics woven by hand in India or at the Textile museum in Tilburg. In 1999 a baby company asked to design and develop a complete textile set for a kids bedroom. It appeared an instant success from the beginning. Soon after Taftan begin the production of a successful collection of matching lampshades. In 2009 Taftan started his own workplace in India not only to control production and quality but also to make sure that labour and workers got what they deserve, fair payments, health insurance, schooling and a future. Now 17 years and many collections later Taftan is still going strong with beautiful designs and the best quality cottons and fabrics. In 2012 Taftan started with a hydrophilic  baby collection in Organic cotton from Gots. The latest collections with the retro background prints and felt stitched designs are well appreciated and comprise a complete collections for decorating the boys and girls bedroom. 

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